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The NanoFrazor is a unique tool for rapid prototyping of 3D nano-structures and nano-devices. The patterning principle of the NanoFrazor technology is based on Thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (t-SPL) which originates from IBM Rueschlikon.


Neomicra Smile 2

neomicra’s smile2 e-beam lithography solution can be attached to any electron microscope or focused ion beam (FIB) microscope.

The MicroWriter ML®3 products are a range of photolithography machines designed for rapid prototyping and small volume manufacturing in R&D laboratories and clean rooms.


GETec AFSEM Insert

AFSEM™ is an atomic force microscope (AFM) by GETec Microscopy, designed for integration in a SEM or Dualbeam (SEM/FIB) microscope.

This is considered the standard type of self-sensing cantilever. It exhibits a sharp tip made of silicon with a tip radius of <15 nm. Normally, the cantilever is delivered on our cantilever PCB (CL-PCB) with a small 10 pin connector on its lower side. On request you can order only the Si chip without PCB […]

These are self-sensing cantilevers without a tip (tipless, TL). This cantilever type is especially suitable for torque magnetometry, force sensing, gas property measurements, and many more applications. The free place where normally the AFM tip is located can be used to accept your own tip, glue a sample, or other uses. Normally, the cantilever is […]

These are self-sensing cantilevers with a hard, sharp, long-life single crystal diamond tip (SCD). The cantilever is delivered on our cantilever PCB (CL-PCB) with a small 10 pin connector on its bottom side. This cantilever type can come with or without an integrated heater. PRSA (Piezo-Resistive Sensing & Active) cantilever probes are equipped with an […]