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Montana Instruments


This low temperature Raman microscope integration is optimized for high collection efficiency and throughput,
offering free space Raman signal collection via the Princeton Instruments FERGIE™ spectroscopy

Montana Instruments


The MAGNETO-OPTIC modules integrate a magnetic field directly into the cryogenic sample chamber. These add-on modules provide the same stability, automation, and control found in all Montana Instruments closed-cycle cryostats.

Montana Instruments


The CRYO-OPTIC® products integrate an optical objective into the sample space of the CRYOSTATION for high NA imaging at low temperatures.

The HILA® name stands for High Inertia, Low Acceleration – a platform designed specifically to provide an ultra-stable mechanical environment for the most sensitive cryogenic measurements.

The CRYOSTATION® line has evolved from the original Montana Instruments system, which set new standards of performance and usability in a closed-cycle optical cryostat.