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Phantoms and Test Tools

RaySafe Pro-CT Dose Phantom

Pediatric/Adult head and body
CTDI and x-ray scatter measurements

Phantoms and Test Tools

RaySafe P Fluoro Phantom

Tests and analysis of digital and analogue radiography and fluoroscopy equipment

Phantoms and Test Tools

RaySafe P 3D Fluoro Phantom

Test the cone beam functionality of fluoroscopic x-ray systems

Phantoms and Test Tools

RaySafe Pro-Digi Radiography Phantom

Beam alignment, dynamic range, contrast resolution, spatial resolution and homogeneity analysis

Phantoms and Test Tools

RaySafe Pro-Stand

Adjustable stand for focal spot measurement

Phantoms and Test Tools

RaySafe Pro-Slit Phantom

Slit camera for focal spot measurement

Phantoms and Test Tools

X-Ray Pinhole Assemblies

One of the specifications and chief features of an x-ray tube is its focal spot size, a very important factor in the resolution to be achieved during a radiologic examination.

Phantoms and Test Tools

Test Patterns

Fluke Biomedical offers a wide selection of test patterns for measuring resolution, the modulation transfer function (ultra-high precision), and the resolution of image intensifiers and video systems.

The small size of the phantom permits fast, easy comparison of conventional and digital image quality, because you can attain an image of the entire unit in a single exposure.

The 84-317 Multipurpose Tissue/Cyst Ultrasound Phantom helps provide both quantitative and qualitative information on the performance of all diagnostic ultrasound-imaging systems.

This versatile phantom was designed to assist in training technologists and physicians in the use of a stereotactic system, and for verifying the proper operation of mammographic stereotactic biopsy systems.

The Mammography Accreditation Phantom will assist you in complying with MQSA and the American College of Radiology (ACR) Quality Control Programs.