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Diagnostic Imaging QA

35035 mA / mAs Meter

The Digital mA/mAs Meter operates with one, easily replaceable 9 volt alkaline battery, facilitating convenience and portability.

The Quantum Design PPMS represents a unique concept in laboratory equipment: an open architecture, variable temperature-field system, designed to perform a variety of automated measurements.

This phantom is an ideal training device because it can be imaged under three modalities and was designed specifically for needle biopsy

This versatile phantom was designed to assist in training technologists and physicians in the use of a stereotactic system, and for verifying the proper operation of mammographic stereotactic biopsy systems.

The CDMAM (Contrast Detail Mammography) Phantom* was developed to evaluate conventional mammographic x-ray equipment, film, and cassettes.

The Mammography Accreditation Phantom will assist you in complying with MQSA and the American College of Radiology (ACR) Quality Control Programs.

This test stand is designed to make these important procedures easy to perform, and ensures accurate results.

The 07-456 High-Purity Aluminum Step Wedges are built to US Federal Specification GG-X-635C.

Get all the benefits of state-of the-art features in a compact, hand held unit. Become a “speed reader with this accurate, rugged portable Clamshell Densitometer.

The ProSim 2 and ProSim 3 Vital Signs Simulators are the clear choice for biomedical engineering and field service technicians that need a quality feature rich device with high portability.

The HILA® name stands for High Inertia, Low Acceleration – a platform designed specifically to provide an ultra-stable mechanical environment for the most sensitive cryogenic measurements.

The CRYOSTATION® line has evolved from the original Montana Instruments system, which set new standards of performance and usability in a closed-cycle optical cryostat.