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The auto-ranging 451B ion chamber survey meter measures radiation rate and accumulated dose from beta, gamma and x-ray radiation sources.

Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor provides instant patient data on radiation exposure to sensitive organs and rapid checks of equipment output

The ProSim 2 and ProSim 3 Vital Signs Simulators are the clear choice for biomedical engineering and field service technicians that need a quality feature rich device with high portability.

This Advanced Survey Meter ASM-990 Series can detect alpha, beta, gamma, or x-ray radiation within an operating range of 1 µR/hr to 1 R/hr (1 to 5,000,000 CPM), depending on the selected probe (Geiger-Mueller, neutron, proportional counter, scintillation).

Six range indicators (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 mR/hr) clearly display an increase or decrease in radiation levels.

This is considered the standard type of self-sensing cantilever. It exhibits a sharp tip made of silicon with a tip radius of <15 nm. Normally, the cantilever is delivered on our cantilever PCB (CL-PCB) with a small 10 pin connector on its lower side. On request you can order only the Si chip without PCB […]

Fluke Biomedical

PS320 Fetal Simulator

At week five, a fetus’ heart starts beating, increasing to 155 to 195 beats per minute prior to birth. The strength and number of beats can be measured by a fetal electronic monitor to determine whether a fetus is in distress. The PS320 fetal simulator mimics fetal and maternal heartbeats (ECG), along with uterine activity during labor to accurately test and troubleshoot fetal electronic monitors.

Material Science

NanOsc FMR Spectrometers

The NanOsc Instruments line of broadband ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) spectrometers offer a simple turn-key solution to the burgeoning field of magnetodynamics research.

These are self-sensing cantilevers without a tip (tipless, TL). This cantilever type is especially suitable for torque magnetometry, force sensing, gas property measurements, and many more applications. The free place where normally the AFM tip is located can be used to accept your own tip, glue a sample, or other uses. Normally, the cantilever is […]

Material Science


NanoMOKE3 is a new generation of ultra-high sensitivity magnetooptical magnetometer and Kerr microscope. Building on the success of NanoMOKE2, it offers high performance laser magnetometry and near video-rate Kerr microscopy in a single machine.

These are self-sensing cantilevers with a hard, sharp, long-life single crystal diamond tip (SCD). The cantilever is delivered on our cantilever PCB (CL-PCB) with a small 10 pin connector on its bottom side. This cantilever type can come with or without an integrated heater. PRSA (Piezo-Resistive Sensing & Active) cantilever probes are equipped with an […]

This handheld device simulates a full range of cardiac rhythms and a wide variety of electrocardiogram conditions. It includes pacemaker simulation, 35 arrhythmia selections, and adult and pediatric normal-sinus rhythms.