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Radiation Safety

RaySafe 452 Survey Meter

Spend more time on measurements and less time on settings. Just turn on the instrument and within a few seconds you are ready to measure. The RaySafe 452 does not require any corrections or manual settings, letting you focus on radiation protection rather than set-up.

The intuitive interface shows all parameters in one view. All measurement data is stored automatically, and the included PC software RaySafe View provides easy data transfer for further analysis and data storage.

One device for every situation means less to carry, learn and administrate. That equals less expense, more efficiency and time savings.

The VT900A + VAPOR is designed to efficiently and reliably perform a full anesthesia machine PM, from ventilators to vaporizers.

The VAPOR Anesthesia Tester is an accessory to the VT900A that expands your testing capability to vaporizers. VAPOR automatically detects the 5 major anesthetic agents, CO2, and N2O, and identifies them by their international color code for easy identification – no effort on your part.

The personal dosimeter system with real-time x-ray radiation monitoring

Your x-ray dosimeter solution, providing x-ray test and measurement sensors for R/F, MAM, CT, Survey, and light applications, including X2 View software.

Electrical Safety Analysers

ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer

The ESA615 brings fast and simple automated testing to a portable analyzer.

Featuring an exclusive ergonomic design, the ProSim SPOT Light is the first comprehensive SpO2 functional tester to come in a handheld and easy-to-use device.

Get the all-in-one multifunction vital signs simulator to ensure your devices provide the ultimate in patient safety.

Quantum Design's Advanced Technology Liquefiers (ATL) along with its innovative Helium Recovery, Storage & Purification Systems allow you to recover and liquefy the helium gas currently being lost from the normal boil off and helium transfers of your cryogenic instruments.

The OptiCool by Quantum Design is a new magneto-optical cryostat using an innovative design that puts the sample volume in the heart of your optical environment.

Testing incubators and radiant warmers regularly is essential to validate their performance and ensure the safety and comfort of infants.
The Fluke Biomedical INCU II Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer simplifies testing and verifying baby incubators, transport incubators, and radiant warmers are safe and conform to global IEC 60601-2-19 and IEC 60601-2-21 performance standards.

Material Science

PPMS® DynaCool™

The PPMS DynaCool, Quantum Design’s latest development effort, uses a single two-stage Pulse Tube cooler to cool both the superconducting magnet and the temperature control system, providing a low vibration environment for sample measurements.

The CRYOSTATION® standard line evolved from the original Montana Instruments system, setting a new standard of performance and usability in a closed-cycle optical cryostat. It offers a versatile tabletop mounting architecture with patented vibration damping technologies to deliver exceptional thermal and vibrational performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. Today, the Cryostation s-series is available in a variety of configurations with additional […]