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VeriDose PDMQC is a five-channel patient dose monitor and a linear accelerator quality control device

Fluke Biomedical

Advanced Therapy Dosimeter

The Model 35040 Advanced Therapy Dosimeter (ATD) is a reference grade instrument used to measure the charge and current from ion chambers in Radiation Therapy, and provides bias voltage for all commonly used chambers.

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CT Simulation Phantom

A CT simulator consists of a dedicated, fast CT scanner (often a spiral scanner), a virtual simulator (a set of computer software), and a laser marking device to mark the center of target volume.

Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor provides instant patient data on radiation exposure to sensitive organs and rapid checks of equipment output

Fluke Biomedical

Electron Density Phantom

The Electron Density Phantom (Model 76-462) is used in CT (computed tomography) treatment planning.

The waterproof 0.6 cm3 ionization chamber (Model 30-351) is designed for absolute dosimetry in radiation therapy.

Fluke Biomedical

IMRT Phantoms

The IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy) Phantom for Film and Ion Chamber Dosimetry is designed to address the complex issues surrounding commissioning and comparison of treatment planning systems while providing a simple yet reliable method for verification of individual patient plans and delivery. The phantoms are elliptical in shape.

The Markus chamber is the very first chamber specifically designed for electron dosimetry. The chamber may be used for measurements in water phantoms or solid state phantoms.

Fluke Biomedical

Plastic Water

Plastic Water is a unique, solid phantom material that will change the way you perform high-energy calibration in both electron and photon radiation oncology.

This precision quality control tool is ideal for daily, weekly and monthly quality control assessments of all mechanical and geometrical parameters of linear accelerators or teletherapy units.

The 05-433 PRIMALERT 10 Teletherapy Radiation Monitor is a compact monitor that responds to scatter radiation and can be mounted anywhere in the teletherapy room.

The 74-379-3888 and 74-379-3999 SCARD Calibration Phantom sections provide an easy means of assembling your own calibration phantom.