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Star Patterns

Star–Ray Test Patterns for Measuring Focal Size Star X-Ray Test Patterns for Measuring Focal Spot Size Focal spot size can be determined by observing the regions of blurring which occur when the pattern is Radio graphed by an x-ray source of finite dimensions.

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Test Patterns

Fluke Biomedical offers a wide selection of test patterns for measuring resolution, the modulation transfer function (ultra-high precision), and the resolution of image intensifiers and video systems.

Proven simulation technology enables the use of tissue-equivalent, realistically-shaped phantoms for mammographic quality control.

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TRIAD Toolkit for Excel

The TRIAD™ Toolkit for Excel is a complete software package for the TRIAD that includes an Excel Add-In called TRIAD Tool and Excel templates that may be used to evaluate the performance of radiographic, mammographic, and fluoroscopic x-ray machines.

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Ultra-High purity HVL Attenuators

Because type-1100 aluminum is only 99.0% pure, it has some impurities that can give a HVL value which is 7.5% lower than those measured with pure aluminum.

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X-Ray Pinhole Assemblies

One of the specifications and chief features of an x-ray tube is its focal spot size, a very important factor in the resolution to be achieved during a radiologic examination.