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The Mammography Screen-Film Contact Test Tool consists of a copper screen with 40 wires per inch, laminated in white vinyl-covered plastic (with the equivalent density of 4 cm thickness of acrylic).

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MRI Multipurpose Phantom

The MRI Multipurpose Phantom monitors the overall performance of an MRI system.

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MRI Surface Coil Phantom

The 76-904 MRI Surface Coil Phantom is specifically designed for comprehensive testing of surface coils.

This versatile stand features extendible legs that provide the enlargement factors required by the NEMA® standard.

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NEMA Cardiology Phantom

The NEMA Cardiology Phantom was designed by collaboration with SCA&I to provide a cardiovascular fluoroscopy benchmark phantom.

The innovative nested CT Dose Phantom can be used with any computed tomography (CT) system designed to image pediatric and adult head and body.

To check the tabletop output of image intensified fluoroscopic equipment properly, a simulated body or phantom should be placed between the x-ray output meter and the input phosphor.

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Radiopaque Rulers

Fluke Biomedical offers several versions of its 07-533 Radiopaque Ruler.

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RaySafe DXR+ Direct X-ray Ruler

The RaySafe DXR+, Direct X-ray Ruler, represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light and radiation field.

CTDI and scatter measurements

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RaySafe P 3D Fluoro Phantom

Test the cone beam functionality of fluoroscopic x-ray systems

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RaySafe P Fluoro Phantom

Tests and analysis of digital and analogue radiography and fluoroscopy equipment