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The CDRAD Phantom from Nuclear Associates is an excellent tool for evaluating the imaging characteristics of digital radiographic systems, including stimulable phosphor computed radiography systems and teleradiography systems.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

ATOM MAX Diagnostic Head Phantom

The 76-606DX ATOM MAX Diagnostic Head Phantom is a standard of reference for diagnostic radiology of the head.

The Model 84-350 Near Field Ultrasound Phantom is constructed from a patented solid elastic material called ZerdineĀ®.

The 76-908 3D Slice Thickness/High Contrast Resolution Phantom accurately evaluates: High-contrast resolution Slice thickness Gradient strength Slice position/separation Resonance frequency Designed to conform to AAPM MRI specifications Applications: Various sections are arranged within a cubical shape to make the phantom truly three-dimensional. It contains slice thickness measuring sections, and a void between the inserts to […]

This large, flat flood phantom can be filled with an MR signal-producing solution. The orthogonal array holes contain orientation reference markers, and the flood section has an image artifact cylinder. This phantom is designed to conform to AAPM MRI specifications*. The 76-907 accurately evaluates the following: Spatial linearity Image artifact Signal-to-noise Resonance frequency Quadrature error […]

Diagnostic Imaging QA

35035 mA / mAs Meter

The Digital mA/mAs Meter operates with one, easily replaceable 9 volt alkaline battery, facilitating convenience and portability.

This phantom is an ideal training device because it can be imaged under three modalities and was designed specifically for needle biopsy

The CDMAM (Contrast Detail Mammography) Phantom* was developed to evaluate conventional mammographic x-ray equipment, film, and cassettes.

This test stand is designed to make these important procedures easy to perform, and ensures accurate results.

The 07-456 High-Purity Aluminum Step Wedges are built to US Federal Specification GG-X-635C.