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Diagnostic Imaging QA

DXR Direct X-Ray Ruler

The 07-678+ DXR, Direct X-Ray Ruler, represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light and radiation field.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

EZ CR/DR “DIN” Test Tool

The EZ CR/DR “DIN” Test Tool is a timely and valuable solution to the image quality maintenance problem. Technologists, radiologists and physicists can easily perform quick and reliable assessments of their CR/DR systems.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Five- Step Calibration Step Tablet

The Five-Step Calibration Step Tablet is used to calibrate a densitometer for consistent readings.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment Device

The 07-600 Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment Device reduces exposure to the patient In misaligned fluoroscopic image intensifier systems, the portion of the field that falls outside the visible area of the image receptor does not contribute to the useful fluoroscopic image and can result in unnecessary exposure to the patient.

The 07-601 is excellent for resolution checks of fluoroscopic imaging systems.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Focal Spot Test Tool

The 07-591 Focal Spot Test Tool provides a simple “passfail test to determine if an x-ray tube focal spot has been damaged.

The Model 84-340 General Purpose Multi-tissue Ultrasound Phantom is constructed from a patented solid elastic material called Zerdine®.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Grid Alignment Test Tool

This Grid Alignment Test Tool is easy to use.

This anthropomorphic phantom is made from proprietary materials which accurately mimic human tissues under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and computed tomography (CT).

The ONLY product available on the market specifically designed for this requirement, a self-contained precise QA tool that gives you instant measurements by simply viewing the image. The Mammography Collimation Assessment Test Tool (Model 18-303) is simple to use. Just follow the exact instructions contained in the ACR Mammography QC Manual for the Collimation Assessment. […]

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Mammography Phantom Material

The American College of Radiology’s Committee on Quality Assurance in Mammography (Medical Physicist’s Manual) recommends, as part of the required test equipment, this phantom material.

The mammographic unit’s automatic exposure control should be capable of maintaining optical density within ± 0.15 OD as the voltage is varied from 25 to 35 kVp, and as breast thickness is varied from 2 to 8 cm for each technique.