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Diagnostic Imaging QA

Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment Device

The 07-600 Fluoroscopic Beam Alignment Device reduces exposure to the patient In misaligned fluoroscopic image intensifier systems, the portion of the field that falls outside the visible area of the image receptor does not contribute to the useful fluoroscopic image and can result in unnecessary exposure to the patient.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Five- Step Calibration Step Tablet

The Five-Step Calibration Step Tablet is used to calibrate a densitometer for consistent readings.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

EZ CR/DR “DIN” Test Tool

The EZ CR/DR “DIN” Test Tool is a timely and valuable solution to the image quality maintenance problem. Technologists, radiologists and physicists can easily perform quick and reliable assessments of their CR/DR systems.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

DXR Direct X-Ray Ruler

The 07-678+ DXR, Direct X-Ray Ruler, represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light and radiation field.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

Diagnostic X-Ray Phantoms

These acrylic and aluminum phantoms are patientequivalent, and are specifically designed to conform to the AAPM recommendations.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

CT Ion Chambers

Fluke Biomedical offers its customers a variety of high-quality ion chambers for use with its products.

These phantoms can be used with any computed tomography (CT) system designed to image pediatric and adult head and body. They can separate dose information for each.

The Contrast Detail Phantom for Mammography is designed to provide a means of quantitatively testing and monitoring the total performance of an entire mammographic imaging chain.

This device provides a simple means of determining if the x-ray beam is perpendicular to the image receptor and centered with respect to the light field.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

CLEAR-Pb Compensation Filters

CLEAR-Pb Compensation Filters eliminate the problems inherent in imaging a wide range of densities on one radiograph.

Diagnostic Imaging QA

CDRH Fluoroscopic Phantom

By using the Model 07-649 CDRH Fluoroscopic Phantom, doses at fluoroscopy can be reduced, and fluoroscopic image quality can be improved.

The CDRH Dental Image Quality Test Tool (Model 76-025) is designed specifically for testing the functionality of dental x-ray units, and provides a means of evaluating half value layer, determination of kVp, and assessing overall image quality.