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This anthropomorphic phantom is made from proprietary materials which accurately mimic human tissues under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, and computed tomography (CT).

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Ultra-High purity HVL Attenuators

Because type-1100 aluminum is only 99.0% pure, it has some impurities that can give a HVL value which is 7.5% lower than those measured with pure aluminum.

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TRIAD Toolkit for Excel

The TRIAD™ Toolkit for Excel is a complete software package for the TRIAD that includes an Excel Add-In called TRIAD Tool and Excel templates that may be used to evaluate the performance of radiographic, mammographic, and fluoroscopic x-ray machines.

Proven simulation technology enables the use of tissue-equivalent, realistically-shaped phantoms for mammographic quality control.

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Star Patterns

Star–Ray Test Patterns for Measuring Focal Size Star X-Ray Test Patterns for Measuring Focal Spot Size Focal spot size can be determined by observing the regions of blurring which occur when the pattern is Radio graphed by an x-ray source of finite dimensions.

This phantom incorporates a 17.5 micrometer-thick gold-nickel alloy bar pattern.

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Service and Quality Control Kits

Each kit contains the essential instruments that service personnel, physicists, and QC technicians rely on to check and calibrate today’s most vital equipment

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Screen / Film Contact Mesh

The film/screen contact test tool determines the clarity of the focused image.

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Radiopaque Rulers

Fluke Biomedical offers several versions of its 07-533 Radiopaque Ruler.

To check the tabletop output of image intensified fluoroscopic equipment properly, a simulated body or phantom should be placed between the x-ray output meter and the input phosphor.

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35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider

The 35080M Non-Invasive kVp Divider quickly and accurately measures kVp for all modalities.

The innovative nested CT Dose Phantom can be used with any computed tomography (CT) system designed to image pediatric and adult head and body.